Newsletter #128: A Story About A Story About a Helicopter

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The supplements to The Responsible Communications Style Guide are still available! These supplements, Age and Python, are part of our comprehensive resource to help you write and speak to diverse audiences in the most welcoming way.


Maybe the biggest story in science fiction this week is the story about a story about a helicopter. A largely-unknown author named Isabel Fall published a story called “I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter” through the magazine Clarkesworld. To some trans people, this story was a liberating reclamation and mockery of a right wing meme. To others, it replicated a harmful narrative. The magazine has pulled down the story at the author’s request and replaced it with transparency about their process.
(Emma Grey Ellis for Wired)

Motherboard’s unionized staff have put together a collection of security solutions for how to unionize your workplace without getting caught. More and more industries, including the tech industry, are unionizing or struggling to do so.
(Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Lauren Kaori Gurley for Motherboard)

You should give your money directly to homeless people, without qualifications. This article is about three years old but I’ve thought about it often since I first read it and it brightens my day when it pops back up on my feed. It breaks apart the myths of begging and suggests how to best mitigate harm: just give people money.
(Matt Broomfield for New Statesman)


Ologies: Futurology with Rose Eveleth
Alie Ward talks with Rose Eveleth about why she of all people, as a futurologist, is optimistic about what’s to come.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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Elasticsearch 5 or and Bust

Molly Struve at RubyConf 2019 talks about the lessons she and everyone else learned during almost a week of downtime.
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Photo by Caleb Roenigk (CC BY 2.0)