The Recompiler in 2020 and beyond

It’s hard to know where to start again after a long and unexpected break. When I last updated Recompiler readers about our progress for Year 3, we were two issues in with two to go, had a solid design and publishing plan, and even keeping close to the original schedule.

Several things happened after that, and I don’t need to give you all the details, but 2019 was a very hard year for me personally, and I failed to be the glue and support that kept this thing going. That had an impact on our readers and contributors.

Here’s where things stand:

All of the written content for Issues 11 and 12 was completed before this break, and most of the design and layout work for Issue 11. We wrapped up those last layout pieces for Issue 11 at the end of 2019, and I just picked up the copies from the printer. All subscribers should have received an email asking for you to update your mailing addresses.

Writers for those two issues will be hearing from us in the next week, to let you know what content will be ready where and when, and sort out any other open details. Please email me (audrey@ this domain) if you haven’t heard anything or have questions, I’m aiming to get back to everyone within 2-3 business days.

Our designer has some other projects that have been very successful — which unfortunately means that she no longer has availability for us. As a result, the visual details for Issue 12 are up in the air, and I’m going to focus on getting the material out even if it means a more minimal look.

We have a couple of other ongoing projects:

The podcast has been on hiatus due to Christie’s limited availability and a health problem on my side. We’ll be back at some point but I don’t have a specific date.

The Responsible Communication Style Guide supplements are halfway complete. The Python supplement was shipped last year, but the Age section is still in progress. I probably won’t be able to address what’s left to wrap that up until after Issues 11 and 12 have shipped.

Our second edition of the Community Event Planning book is also about a year behind schedule. Everyone who backed the Kickstarter or pre-ordered should have received the first of our chapter drafts. I’ll be sending out updated versions as there’s more content, every few weeks.

I’m thinking about writing a monthly status report, at least for the next bit, so that it’s easier for all of you to see how things are tracking. Let me know if you would find that helpful.

It’s probably apparent that I also need more help to keep things running (finding that help was one of my key goals a year ago before everything broke down further). I’ll be posting a more detailed description of those roles, but in brief I’m looking for: a lead editor, a print designer, an ebook designer, and a research assistant for the event planning book.

I’m also thinking about what kind of content and formats are going to best suit our mission and goals, after the current work is finished. I have a few ideas about how we might focus in on specific areas of technology. There are some great indie tech publications that have grown up over the last five years; it’s important to me that we continue to do something that you can’t find elsewhere.

Thank you, if you’ve read this, you’ve been a reader and supporter, and have given us your attention and resources. There are so many things that The Recompiler has been and could be, and I’m doing my best to make it happen.