Help wanted: editing, design, and research

As we start thinking about The Recompiler Year 4, we’re looking to grow the team. All positions are remote, paid contracts with flexible timing. We would work together to set a schedule of delivery dates for these projects. We’re especially interested in hearing from people who are part of under-represented groups in technology.

Contributing editors

We’re looking for one or more editors to develop content themes, recruit writers, and edit work. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Writing the editor’s letter for the issue
  • Creating an open call for proposals and helping promote it
  • Providing feedback to writers on their drafts, structural and wording, utilizing our style guide

Print designer

Our print designer is responsible for taking the edited work and turning it into a final layout. Responsibilities include:

  • Using InDesign to create print-ready files from our edited copy
  • Creating a visual theme for the series, and designing sub-themes for each issue
  • Implementing that theme with illustrations, graphic design, and photography (your own or in collaboration with artists)
  • Communicating with the ebook designer to ensure materials can be adapted for digital presentation

Ebook designer

The ebook designer creates the digital design layout for display on computers, tablets, and ebook readers. We publish both fixed and reflowable editions to accommodate the widest range of devices, and you would be expected to know the technical requirements for PDF, ePub, and Mobi. Responsibilities include:

  • Adapting the print-ready designs for digital publishing
  • Making edits as needed to ensure consistent formatting of interactive elements (hyperlinks)
  • Creating modifications for reflowable display and scaling
  • Communicating with the print designer to ensure a smooth workflow

The print and ebook designer positions can be combined.

Research assistant

The research assistant will help with gathering examples and interviews for our upcoming book, Community Event Planning. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Assisting with writing a survey for event organizers
  • Doing outreach through social media and direct contact to gather respondents from a wide range of community conferences and tech events
  • Arranging follow-up interviews with several respondents on specific topics

Requirements for all positions

  • Have good understanding of The Recompiler’s mission
  • Can demonstrate and represent the intersectional nature of The Recompiler
  • Be a good, timely communicator
  • Can plan a work timeline in advance, in order to efficiently coordinate with other contributors

If you’re interested, or have someone to recommend, please email and include links to your portfolio or past work, along with a short statement about why you’re interested. We’re happy to answer questions as well.