Newsletter #131: ICE is Using Location Data to Arrest People

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Issue #11 of the Recompiler is out! This issue highlights how technology is used in and has an impact on our relationships, dating, and family experiences. It includes contributions by Thursday Bram, Jackie Kazil, Courtney Milan, Amelia Abreu, Morgen Bromwell, and Lilly Ryan.


ICE is using commercially-available location data to round people up for arrest and deportation. This includes data derived from weather apps and games.
(Xeni Jardin for BoingBoing)

An artist tricked google maps into recording a traffic jam by dragging a bunch of cell phones around slowly in a cart. Admittedly, I’m particularly drawn to this story because I predicted a hack like this in my story One Star.
(Matthew Gault for Motherboard)

Europe is starting to limit AI-informed predictive policing. The US isn’t. A court in the Netherlands has ruled that overly-invasive software should not be used in government oversight.
(Tom Simonite for Wired)


The Final Straw: Gitdimten Access Point Before The Raid
Indigenous land defenders on unceded territory claimed by British Columbia are being raided and arrested right now. This interview has the voices of three warriors discussing why they are defending the area they are defending and what “unceded” means and doesn’t mean.

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Asynchrony: Under the Hood

Shelley Vohr at JSConf EU 2018 gives a concise introduction to the concepts of asynchronous programming.


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