Newsletter #132: California Police Are Sharing License Plate Location Data

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California police are using license plate readers without any written guidelines about who they do and don’t share the information with. Their database collects hundreds of millions of images of license plates whether or not the car pictured is suspected of any connection to any crime.
(Todd Feathers for Motherboard)

Kickstarter has hired a law firm that specializes in maintaining a “union-free workplace.” In the middle of a unionization drive by their employees, the management has been meeting with lawyers who focus on preventing exactly that.
(Lauren Kaori Gurley for Motherboard)

Media collective Unicorn Riot has released leaked customs investigator manuals. While these manuals are 20-30 years old, they inform current policy and are of interest to any activist who wants to work against ICE.


Software Engineering Unlocked: Done playing Microsoft’s corporate game with Suz Hinton
Past Recompiler contributor Suz Hinton left Microsoft for Stripe and talks about why she did it and how she makes sure that her workplace meets her needs.

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JavaScript: Who, What, Where, Why and Next

Laurie Voss at JSConf EU 2019 goes over the state of JavaScript based on an overview of over 30,000 developers.


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