Newsletter #133: Kickstarter Unionized!

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Issue #11 of the Recompiler is out! This issue highlights how technology is used in and has an impact on our relationships, dating, and family experiences. It includes contributions by Thursday Bram, Jackie Kazil, Courtney Milan, Amelia Abreu, Morgen Bromwell, and Lilly Ryan.


Kickstarter unionized! I’ve been following this story excitedly for a long time now, both because I’m an artist who has taken advantage of crowdfunding and also because this marks the first successful unionization of white collar workers at a major US tech company. May it be only the beginning!
(Kate Conger and Noam Scheiber for The New York Times)

Organizing and pressure from students has forced UCLA to drop its plan to use facial recognition. Throwing a fuss is a better tactic than people realize.
(Edward Ongweso Jr for Motherboard)

Influencers are having their faces stolen to sell products. Companies in one country are taking faces from people in other countries, without permission or compensation, and it feels like there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.
(Emma Grey Ellis for Wired)


We Will Remember Freedom: Pelecanimimus and the Battle for Mosquito Ridge, by Izzy Wasserstein
In the sixth episode of my fiction podcast, a gay Jewish man fighting in the Spanish Civil War recruits dinosaurs to the antifascist cause.

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A Quick Guide to RPC Frameworks

Yulia Oletskaya at Birmingham on Rails 2020 talks about remote procedure calls.



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