Newsletter #158: Stopping ICE’s buses

Hello Recompilers,

Some of the editors of Recompiler (not me, I’m just a newsletter-writer) have started a blog to track the Portland protests and it’s one of the best resources I’ve seen to keep up with what’s going on, with timelines of each night and a roundup of news.


Here’s a firsthand account of the more-successful-than-usual rowdy protest in Bend, Oregon that stopped ICE buses for hours. The protestors first blocked buses with their bodies and then struggled against police to keep them from kidnapping a man into the forest. They didn’t succeed in those goals. Yet ICE showed up with two large buses and only left with two people they’d captured.

The upcoming election fraud (we all know it’s coming, no use fooling ourselves) is almost Too Much Problem to wrap our heads around, but wrap our heads around it we must. For example, you can read this account of how the USPS is deactivating and often destroying mail sorting machines ahead of the election.

In California, judges have denied Uber and Lyft a delay in classifying their employees as employees. Across Latin America, thousands and thousands of rideshare drivers are striking.


POPcast: Crafting Tech Talks and Pie with Ian Coldwater
One of my favorite speakers, Ian Coldwater, talks how she designs the tech talks she gives.

Conference Talk of the Week:

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What would Beyonce Do? A Privacy Model

At BSides Orlando, Katrina Roberts mixes pop culture and information security, using Beyonce as an example of someone who does a remarkable job of keep her private life private.


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