Newsletter #164: How To Rescue a Conspiracy Theorist

Hello Recompilers,

Some of the editors of Recompiler (not me, I’m just a newsletter-writer) have started a blog to track the Portland protests and it’s one of the best resources I’ve seen to keep up with what’s going on, with timelines of each night and a roundup of news.


There’s some evidence that making fun of conspiracy theorists, and offering rational responses, is more useful in pulling someone out of a conspiracy theory than empathizing with them. Most important, according to this analysis, is that the person who is offering the truth–or ridiculization–is perceived as intelligent and rational by the conspiracy theorist.

Hootsuite signed a $500,000 deal with ICE against the protestations of their workers–many of whom had personally experienced harassment at the hands of ICE. Then Hootsuite lied about the contract.

Oh and in the back of my mind when I read any news at all this week I just keep thinking about how Trump will not commit to a peaceful transferal of power if he loses the election.


Live Like the World is Dying: Mixæl Laufer on open source medical chemistry
On the latest episode of my prepping podcast, I talk with someone from the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective about how you can set up your own wet chemistry microlab to produce life-saving medications.

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Introductory Network Vulnerability Scanning

Tabitha Sable talks at Intro Sec Con 2020 about the basics of scanning networks

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