Newsletter #165: The US holds its breath

Hello Recompilers,

Some of the editors of Recompiler (not me, I’m just a newsletter-writer) have started a blog to track the Portland protests and it’s one of the best resources I’ve seen to keep up with what’s going on, with timelines of each night and a roundup of news.


Breaking news comes faster and faster, and is harder to keep up with, yet it’s hard to see today as anything other than “the day we found out Trump has Covid.” Weeks from now who knows what we’ll look back on today and think. All we know is that several prominent members of the Republican party have tested positive for Covid. We also know that Twitter is not allowing people to pray for Trump’s death on their platform. We know that this year, for many of us, has been categorized by an intense feeling of just… not knowing what is going to happen next. The New York Times lays out some of the specifics about the election if what so many people cannot tweet about comes to pass.

Meanwhile, Amazon workers have walked off the job in protest of the firing of someone who raised safety concerns and Google is coming under fire for potential disability discrimination.


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Hello World

Ian Coldwater talks at Intro Sec Con 2020 offers an introduction to infosec for people who have not felt traditionally welcome in the space.

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