Newsletter #167: This Is Where We’re At

Hello Recompilers,

Some of the editors of Recompiler (not me, I’m just a newsletter-writer) have started a blog to track the Portland protests and it’s one of the best resources I’ve seen to keep up with what’s going on, with timelines of each night and a roundup of news.


It’s all quite a lot to take in. I personally find myself intentionally skipping some news stories, because my brain is just already so full of doomscroll fatigue. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that the US president admitted, proudly, that he sent US Marshals to assassinate an antifascist. We’ve known this for awhile now, but hearing him admit it is chilling. For a “law and order” president, Trump sure is keen to ignore the law, like how he appointed an extremist to direct the Bureau of Land Management without congressional approval and is somehow just getting away with it.

An app we’ve all got an increasing need for is this one that simplifies the task of writing prisoners in the US, helping navigate the Kafkaesque rules that limit the communications of people who live in cages.

Oh, and while abolishing the police in Minneapolis seems to not actually be happening, at least the city is considering a facial recognition ban.


Behind the Bastards: How Nice, Normal People Made The Holocaust Possible 
I’ve been a fan of this podcast for awhile, but this episode, in which host Robert Evans talks with Sofiya Alexandra about the reluctant members of the Nazi party, is particularly relevant and chilling. I recommend listening to both halves of it.

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Hacking on Network Service Mesh Dataplane

Aleksandra Kowalska & Jaroslaw Lukow talk at KubeCon Europe 2020 about how Kubernetes security incorporates into other services for security

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