Newsletter #170: On the Horizon

Hello Recompilers,

Sorry we missed you last week! If you’re in the US, I’m sure you, along with us, were caught up waiting, wondering, what was going to happen with the election. Fortunately, all our troubles are magically fixed, now that Biden won, Trump is conceding, and Biden is a suitably progressive candidate to start solving all our problems! Oh wait, only the first one of those things is true. Still, it’s reassuring that the majority of the US population didn’t vote for outright authoritarianism.


Covid is back on our minds, of course. It never really left, but with its current wild spike and the election sort-of over, it’s really set to take the front seat in our anxieties again. Vaccines are on the horizon. Do they work? Can they be distributed in enough quantity? WIRED talks about those issues in a fairly even-handed way that I appreciate.

Biden is living up to his promise to return the US from its fascist nightmare to its previous neoliberal nightmare and seems to insist on replicating the conditions that produced an authoritarian candidate like Trump. In particular, he’s filling his transition team with execs from companies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb.

Labor lost in California, with Proposition 22 passing due to an overwhelming propaganda campaign by companies that hire gig workers. And now Uber is plotting how to expand from there.


Live Like the World is Dying: The Basics, pt 1
In the US we’ve won a reprieve, of sorts, on some of the worst-case doomsday scenarios. But things are still positioned to get less stable, not more stable, in the near future. In this episode I talk about my basic understanding of how individual and community preparedness interrelate and how to get started.

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Making Envoy Sustainable

Cynthia Coan talks at EnvoyCon 2019 about how to set your service up to last for years.

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