Newsletter #171: Warehouse Workers Lead the Way

Hello Recompilers,

The weather’s turning colder, at least here in the South where I’m typing this, and it’s strange how “there might be a coup in the country with the most powerful military force on the planet” takes a back seat in some of our minds while “there’s a pandemic raging at what is already one of the more lonely times of the year, in which human connection is vital” comes to foreground. At least, that’s how it’s been for me. I hope wherever you are, you’re feeling as safe as you can.

For updates about the Portland protests, Audrey is still maintaining a blog about what’s going on there.


I don’t think I’ve shared Recompiler editor Audrey Eschright’s community preparedness article yet, and this is a terrible shame! This moment of (relative) calm is an excellent time to go over what you have and what you need and how to get ready for whatever life brings.

With the new wave of Covid comes a new wave of tech worker protests, strikes, and other actions, most of which are being led by the low-wage segment of the tech industry such as gig workers and Amazon warehouse employees. It seems like those who work at home have a lot they can learn from the actions of those who have to work in person.

If you were caught up in the recent round of doxxes, or care about those of us who were, or worry you might one day be, it might be worth reading this dox about the proud boy in North Carolina who was involved in the list of 8000+ names and social media profiles that went around rightwing channels last week. It’s a good time to update your security and figure out what you’re doing and not doing well, or to read this guide to how to handle being doxed.


Live Like the World is Dying: Moira on Know Your Rights
As state and especially federal repression continues to crack down on those involved in the uprisings, it’s a good idea to remember all the ways that you can shut up to keep yourself safe. On this episode I talk with movement lawyer Moira Meltzer-Cohen about how to handle police and federal law enforcement encounters as safely as possible.

Talk of the Week:

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The Cost of Freedom

Lisha Sterling, keynoting SeaGL 2019, talks about the nature of power as relates to technology.


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