Newsletter #173: A Grim Winter of Unrest

Hello Recompilers,

For updates about the Portland protests, Audrey is still maintaining a blog about what’s going on there.


We’re facing a grim winter. I know it hasn’t even left our minds, but it’s worth remembering that we’re at more than 200,000 new cases of Covid per day in the US. Please keep that in mind as we get deeper into the holiday season.

Labor struggle at tech companies–enacted by both white collar and blue collar workers–is one of the most important, least known things happening in the news these days. Spain’s largest union is suing Amazon for spying on workers with Pinkertons. In the US, the National Labor Review Board has filed a complaint against Google. Google, of course, is in the news recently for firing an AI ethicist who pointed out problems.


Cyber: Amazon Hired Pinkertons to Union Bust
On this episode, Lauren Kaori-Gurley talks about who the Pinkertons are and why they’re suddenly back in the news.

Talk of the Week:

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How Niantic switched Pokémon GO to use Envoy

Renana Yacobi speaks about how and why Niantic moved Pokémon GO from NGINX to Envoy


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This newsletter compiled by Margaret Killjoy (@magpiekilljoy). Margaret is an author, activist, and musician based in Appalachia. Her most recent book series is the Danielle Cain novella series, which starts with The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion.

Image by Alex Alishevskikh (CC BY-SA 2.0)