Newsletter #177: Facial Recognition Against Police

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For updates about the Portland protests, Audrey is still maintaining a blog about what’s going on there.


Tabletop roleplaying over Zoom has been a pretty major part of how I’m keeping myself together. So it’s heartening to hear that Wizards of the Coast is working pretty actively to address some of the major racial issues in Dungeons & Dragons. Lots of players have been working against these tropes forever, and it’s wonderful to see that work integrated into the core game.

Most of the other news this week isn’t as positive. We’re in a strange place, a sort of lame duck Covid administration where Covid is able to get away with an awful lot because it feels like it’s almost over. The US hit 20 million cases today. And as much as we wish it would, we know in our hearts that the Biden administration isn’t going to magically fix pretty much any of the problems we’re facing as a society. Certainly, the work to release ICE detainees will continue.

And because technology has two sides, activists have started developing facial recognition software to wield against the police who brutalize people and hide their identities while they do it.


Live Like the World is Dying: Dibs on Fitness for Every Body
It’s actually a strange coincidence that I’m releasing the fitness episode on New Year’s Day, but on the latest episode of my community preparedness podcast, I talk with a trans personal fitness trainer about how to move joyfully in ways that take into account your relationship with your body.

Talk of the Week:

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Debugging Diversity in Tech

Dan Draper gives a talk at Ruby Australia aimed at men explaining gender diversity in tech


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