The Recompiler is a feminist hacker magazine, launched in 2015. Our goal is to help people learn about technology in a fun, playful way, and highlight a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We’re especially interested in infrastructure: the technical and social systems we depend on. We want to share what it’s like to learn and work with technology, and teach each other to build better systems and tools.

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Recent mentions:

On the ground, there are smaller, but equally powerful movements dedicated to helping women and girls break into the tech scene. One of the individuals spearheading her own project is Audrey Eschright, from Portland, Oregon. Eschright is the founder of The Recompiler, a self-described ‘feminist hacking’ magazine, dedicated to exploring and publishing issues of technology…

Girls’ Globe

The Recompiler, a new feminist hacker magazine, is the latest project by Portlander Audrey Eschright designed to connect a community and foster learning. …

Portland Business Journal

This is a magazine I’d recommend to folks in the tech industry, no matter how far along their career path. …

So engaging is the voice and content of the magazine that it’s easy to forget how radical a venture this is in design—a technical magazine compiled and written almost entirely by women is essentially unheard of in the maker world. That, in and of itself, makes The Recompiler profound and political in a heavily male-dominated…

Impact Design Hub

This All-Women Tech Zine Arrived Right on Time: The results so far appeal to the technophile and technophobe alike, and they’re just getting started. …

The Cut

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Audrey Eschright, publisher