Kicking off The Recompiler Year 3 with a special event

Next week, on March 1, we're teaming up with a favorite open source project to celebrate the start of our Year 3 and their 10th anniversary. Since January 2008, Calagator has connected technology and other communities through a shared calendaring service. The primary calendar in Portland, OR is the go-to place to find out what's … Continue reading Kicking off The Recompiler Year 3 with a special event

Newsletter #30: Submit to our Love and Romance

a heart with a missing puzzle piece and a lady bug sitting on top of the heart

Hello Recompilers, We're so ready to take submissions for Issue 11!  Contributors are paid because we value your work. Our theme is Love and Romance and our editor, Thursday Bram, is so excited! On Twitter, she warned us she would subject us to a lot of heart emojis. A note from Thursday: Love is for everybody. I … Continue reading Newsletter #30: Submit to our Love and Romance

Call for Contributors for Issue 11: Love and romance

For our third issue of 2018, we’ll be talking about love and romance! We’re looking at the technology that brings us together with our fellow humans. Our guest editor for this issue will be Thursday Bram. Here’s a few ideas to get you started: How to understand the information a dating site collects about you … Continue reading Call for Contributors for Issue 11: Love and romance

Newsletter #29: The Design of Issue 9

Hello Recompilers, We interviewed Issue 9 designer Hawnuh Lee to learn more about her vision for Hard Times. Enjoy her talent! Is this the first time you have designed a magazine? I've always been interested in zines and zine culture and the accessibility of the medium has lent itself to my iterative design process. I've brought in an … Continue reading Newsletter #29: The Design of Issue 9

Newsletter #28: Our Bot Buddies, Ourselves.

A glowing metal snake-like art project. Segments are tricycles carrying passenger.

Hello Recompilers, Have you read Issue #9? It is available (and #8 is here). What was your favorite article? Reading: Fitness trackers are reporting sensitive military information: OOPS! As mentioned on Friday's Recompiler Podcast (Episode 48). Written by Liz Sly (great name for security reporting) for Washington Post. Woe is bot. WoeBot is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) chatbot intended to supplement traditional … Continue reading Newsletter #28: Our Bot Buddies, Ourselves.

Newsletter #27: Trust maybe, verify always

Hello Recompilers, Issue 9! Get your Issue 9! The Recompiler Issue #9: Hard Problems is available (and #8 is here). Reading: Keeping Good vigilance in a database for the missing: When she was 19 years old, Meaghan Good started the Charley Project, a large database of missing persons, which she maintains on a donated computer. She speaks frankly about living with bipolar disorder, Autism, and PTSD. … Continue reading Newsletter #27: Trust maybe, verify always

Newsletter #26: The Spectre of Loss

Siamese cat yawning on laptop. Cat looks angry.

Hello Recompilers, Good news. The Recompiler Issue #9: Hard Problems is available (and #8 is here). Like a bitter fruit, let's indulge in a little nostalgia. "You're what I couldn't find: A totally amazing mind, So understanding and so kind, You're everything to me." "Dreams", Cranberries. Reading: Inclusivity through ungendered design: "The perpetuation of gender stereotypes through design... harms the ability for … Continue reading Newsletter #26: The Spectre of Loss

Newsletter #25: Autonomy, Accountability, and Crowdsourcing the Whisper Network

A silver Arowana fish in an aquarium. The green head of a Buddha statue and a cafe interior are reflected in the glass.

Hope you all had a fulfilling holiday season. The last issue of the magazine for this 2017 was #8. It’s available for purchase in the shop, with Issue #9 releasing shortly. Reading: Calling out sexual assault in a viral Google spreadsheet: CW: discussion of sexual assault and harassment. On the brink of being outed by Harper's, Moira Donegan outs herself on The Cut as being the creator … Continue reading Newsletter #25: Autonomy, Accountability, and Crowdsourcing the Whisper Network