Fulfilling jobs at a diverse, warm company, doing challenging open source systems software. Work with me at MongoDB! Palo Alto, NYC, and worldwide.
http://bit.ly/mongo-jobs —A. Jesse Jiryu Davis.

Pledge $100/month to fund tech projects by and for marginalized people. Past Fund Club recipients include Hands Up United, The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, TransTech, and #WoCinTech chat. Sign up at joinfundclub.com.

HATS — For the modern introvert. Put words on yr head so u don’t have to say any. Handmade knitwear from Portland Oregon.
@stix_n_strings | etsy: Stixnstrings

BubbleSort Zines is a monthly zine series for high school students, covering topics like computer memory and basic cryptography with comics and drawings. BubbleSort Zines is looking for company sponsors to be able to send these zines to underfunded schools. Get in touch at sailorhg@bubblesort.io!

Available to subscribers only: put your message here for $20/issue.
Email info@recompilermag.com for details.