by Terian Koscik



page 1

Summer Vacation 1999! Terian is making the most out of every minute. She loves to explore lost civilizations… Kill zombies… and race giant magical birds.

page 2

These are her favorite things to do but it gets lonely sometimes. Back in school, a lot of other kids like to play video games, too. They take them very seriously. It’s not enough just to like video games.

page 3

You have to like the right video games. You have to know everything about them. You have to be good at them.

page 4

Terian tries really hard to be all of these things, but it’s never quite enough. [Panel of empty game controller 2 slot. Panel of Terian playing video games alone on a couch. Panel of Terian, awake in bed, a Tomb Raider poster behind her.]

page 5

Terian grew up and now she knows she never would have been good enough for those boys. It wasn’t enough for the girl who explored lost civilizations to be smart and athletic. It wasn’t enough for the girl who killed zombies to be good at lock-picking.

page 6

We might never be good enough for those people. We don’t need to worry about them. We can be good enough for each other.

Terian Koscik is a backend engineer at Kongregate and co-organizer of Django Girls PDX. She likes to make comics as well as programming robots that make butt jokes. More drawings and useless robots at