Today I’m thinking about security because journalists are being targeted with a phishing attack that pretends to be a Google Docs invite. Last week it was on my mind because yet another company turned out to be storing all their users’ data in an easily stolen manner. Someone also figured out how to hack into the robots used to assemble parts in manufacturing plants. It’s already been done with the computers in cars.

Keeping an eye on security involves being aware of a bewildering range of potential and actual threats. Our articles for this issue show what that means for the most vulnerable of us, and how we can be better allies. We explore some ways we can increase our personal security, from cell phones to email to chat. Some are things you can try out yourself first, and others are things to start a conversation with colleagues and friends. To finish, I wrap up with a few final thoughts on how we can take the threat models we’ve built and move forward together.

Security doesn’t have to be so hard or mysterious it’s only accessible to the experts. There’s something here for each of us to learn at any skill level, and a little technical experience can go a long way. I hope this issue gives you a useful entry point to do more. Let us know what things will help you take the next step.

— Audrey