Welcome to our first issue of 2018! We’re examining hard problems of all sorts, from our careers to our communication technologies. The complexity of technology can be engaging, but also disheartening. How many times has our excitement about learning something been squashed by all the steps in the middle? This issue gives us an opportunity to dig into a few of these topics and gain from each other’s experiences.

We aren’t in it alone. That’s what The Recompiler teaches me, personally, through this work. Problems are easier when we share what we know, work together, and each take a part. The past year hasn’t been the easiest for me, and this has impacted the publication; but at the times I needed it most, our community has done everything it could to help. This year our work is backed by 256 supporters on Kickstarter who funded our issues for 2018. It’s supported by subscribers who believe in what we’ll deliver. It’s built by a growing team: a new designer, a communications assistant, and guest editors.

Thank you to our readers and supporters for your material and emotional support. Thanks to Rachel Kelly, who took on a rush editing job, and Amy Farrell, who made our holiday newsletter happen. Thank you to new contributors: Hawnuh Lee, our visual designer, and Lauren Hudgins, our new newsletter and social media correspondent, for your enthusiasm and energy. We’re building something amazing, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.