Episode 57: Do we have to do more Facebook?

This week Audrey and I chat about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, the Fuse payment card hack, encrypted DNS, and more. Enjoy! Show notes:

Newsletter #38: A Facebook that Only Big Brother Could Love

streaks of car lights seen through a broken chainlink fence

Hello Recompilers, We're still taking pre-orders for the second printing of the  The Responsible Communication Style Guide. Reserve your copy now. Did you miss Issue 7: Security? Never fear; it's online here! Or if you want a print copy you can order one. Reading: Sex workers switch to Mastodon. Megan Farokhmanesh (The Verge) reports that sex workers are migrating to an instance of … Continue reading Newsletter #38: A Facebook that Only Big Brother Could Love

Episode 56: Something about Scully’s vibrator

This week Audrey and I chat about recent autonomous vehicle fatalities, consequences of arbitrary file storage in Bitcoin’s blockchain, the OIG’s report on the FBI’s statements about their iPhone hacking capabilities, and more. Enjoy! Show notes

Newsletter #37: Unsteady Player One

a person with a mohawk wearing a gas mask crouches in front of a burning city

Hello Recompilers, The Recompiler is proud to be a media sponsor for Heartifacts, a conference presented by Code & Supply, created to facilitate the intimate and important conversations that software professionals need to have about mental health, communication techniques, and community involvement. April 20th & 21st, 2018 — Pittsburgh, PA Use the code media-RECOMPILE for 20% off registration. Would … Continue reading Newsletter #37: Unsteady Player One

Episode 55: An ouroboros of crappy privacy

This week Audrey and I chat about Cambridge Analytica, anti-sex trafficking bill SESTA/FOSTA, Google News Initiative and more. Enjoy!

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Newsletter #36: Yiff you, Russia.

A yellow dog wearing glasses in front of a laptop.

Hello Recompilers, As you may have heard, we sold out of print copies of The Responsible Communication Style Guide last fall and we're setting up to do a second printing. Pre-ordering a book would be a giant help for financing the printing. We’ll accept pre-orders through April 15 and expect to have books back from the printer, ready to ship on June 1. … Continue reading Newsletter #36: Yiff you, Russia.

Newsletter #35: Keep digging, Facebook.

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Hello Recompilers, It's important to us that everyone be able to access The Recompiler's content. We would like for people who cannot hear to be able to enjoy our podcast. We're seeking sponsorship for the transcriptions at $60 per episode. Want some good accessibility karma? Let us know. Reading: Progressive peer pressure. Sarah Jeong looks at a fundraising campaign funneling … Continue reading Newsletter #35: Keep digging, Facebook.

Episode 54: But this one involves a sheep!

This week Audrey and I chat about YouTube’s announcement to link to Wikipedia, the New Yorker’s profile of Reddit, Spotify and copyright law, and more. Enjoy!

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Newsletter #34: “Life Would Be Tragic If It Weren’t Funny.”

two small human figures in the distance of a stark alien landscape under two suns

Hello Recompilers, Just a little reminder about issue nine-er. Hard Problems is in our shop. Physicist Stephen Hawking died this week. He lived decades with the motor neurone disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to near the average lifespan for a US man (76.5 years), thanks to high quality healthcare and access to specialized tools. Throughout his incredible life, he helped normalize the … Continue reading Newsletter #34: “Life Would Be Tragic If It Weren’t Funny.”

Episode 53: If a travel coffee mug and an Instapot had a baby

This week Audrey and I chat about Amazon Alexa’s laughing bug, Google helping the military develop AI for drones, the crypto event that dosed its attendees with cannabis, and more. Enjoy!

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