We start reviewing the pitches we’ve received for the issue’s Call for Contributors the week after the deadline for submissions. Depending on scheduling and other factors, it may take 4-6 weeks to contact everyone who submitted.

When we accept your pitch, we’ll give you a timeline for the first draft and talk about payment. If you agree to proceed, we’ll send you a contract. Our contract terms allow you to retain copyright of your work.

After you submit your draft, the editing process starts. The editors for your article will work with you to resolve any questions about structure or content, then work through details like sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. Our goal is to let your voice and perspective come through clearly. We’ll also focus on making the technical details of your article as accessible as possible.

When we’ve agreed the article is ready to go, it goes into layout. The editors may have additional questions for you at this time. If we don’t have your bio yet, we’ll ask for it at this point.

Finally, publication! We can share your work with our readers and celebrate.