Newsletter #42: Google or Eye of Sauron?

a submarine that looks like a fish piloted by a cyclist

Hello Recompilers, We've launched a Kickstarter for the second edition of our guide to Community Event Planning. We're publishing an expanded and updated version of our guide to running community-focused conferences, with new material on diversity. AND we're getting so close to our minimum order for second printing of the Responsible Communication Style Guide! We are taking preorders until May 20. The 10th … Continue reading Newsletter #42: Google or Eye of Sauron?

Newsletter #37: Unsteady Player One

a person with a mohawk wearing a gas mask crouches in front of a burning city

Hello Recompilers, The Recompiler is proud to be a media sponsor for Heartifacts, a conference presented by Code & Supply, created to facilitate the intimate and important conversations that software professionals need to have about mental health, communication techniques, and community involvement. April 20th & 21st, 2018 — Pittsburgh, PA Use the code media-RECOMPILE for 20% off registration. Would … Continue reading Newsletter #37: Unsteady Player One

Newsletter #33: Where I End and You Begin

Many humans in white clean suits looking down into cylindrical chamber with GOES-S satellite inside

Hello Recompilers, We're digging into your submissions for Issue 11: Love and Romance. Thank for all your pitches! Reading: Serbia and Kosovo row made clocks slow. The European electrical grid was disrupted by a power struggle between Serbia and Kosovo, slowing electric clocks all over the continent. Valerie Hopkins and Richard Pérez-Peña explain why in the NYT. Your ad blocker may not … Continue reading Newsletter #33: Where I End and You Begin

Newsletter #30: Submit to our Love and Romance

a heart with a missing puzzle piece and a lady bug sitting on top of the heart

Hello Recompilers, We're so ready to take submissions for Issue 11!  Contributors are paid because we value your work. Our theme is Love and Romance and our editor, Thursday Bram, is so excited! On Twitter, she warned us she would subject us to a lot of heart emojis. A note from Thursday: Love is for everybody. I … Continue reading Newsletter #30: Submit to our Love and Romance

Newsletter #26: The Spectre of Loss

Siamese cat yawning on laptop. Cat looks angry.

Hello Recompilers, Good news. The Recompiler Issue #9: Hard Problems is available (and #8 is here). Like a bitter fruit, let's indulge in a little nostalgia. "You're what I couldn't find: A totally amazing mind, So understanding and so kind, You're everything to me." "Dreams", Cranberries. Reading: Inclusivity through ungendered design: "The perpetuation of gender stereotypes through design... harms the ability for … Continue reading Newsletter #26: The Spectre of Loss

This is how we support our most marginalized: with security, solidarity, and kindness

This week many of us are sad. Eating, sleeping, and personal care have taken a backseat because we're not just sad, we're emotionally distraught. We're scared. We're terrified for what this election means for ourselves, our friends, our families, our peers, our children, and our country. I just want to emphasize to be kind. Be kind to … Continue reading This is how we support our most marginalized: with security, solidarity, and kindness