Newsletter #29: The Design of Issue 9

Hello Recompilers, We interviewed Issue 9 designer Hawnuh Lee to learn more about her vision for Hard Times. Enjoy her talent! Is this the first time you have designed a magazine? I've always been interested in zines and zine culture and the accessibility of the medium has lent itself to my iterative design process. I've brought in an … Continue reading Newsletter #29: The Design of Issue 9

Newsletter #26: The Spectre of Loss

Siamese cat yawning on laptop. Cat looks angry.

Hello Recompilers, Good news. The Recompiler Issue #9: Hard Problems is available (and #8 is here). Like a bitter fruit, let's indulge in a little nostalgia. "You're what I couldn't find: A totally amazing mind, So understanding and so kind, You're everything to me." "Dreams", Cranberries. Reading: Inclusivity through ungendered design: "The perpetuation of gender stereotypes through design... harms the ability for … Continue reading Newsletter #26: The Spectre of Loss